Watching a Kingfisher
puncturing surface—
a slewed flicker of blue
diving through watery 
brown curtains; 
Those moments submerged 
falling through another world 
where time is slow and heavy;  
the brief and lost scenes 
are a vivid retreat—
Where each abyss we visit
the sweet chorus listens 
for a fleeting white wren     
that may guide us; 
If wanting to be far 
never caught by human eye; 
like those missing moments 
when I drowned as a boy
thick reeds pulled me under;
a ship of small flames came
waiting for me to ignite it— 
leading the navigator into a new world 
that I may watch you cower behind it—

Keep me in the shadow 
I’ll break the light—used to punish  
bring logic, surprise, and truth; 
Always be the ship mast not the sails; 
Swim underneath the wreck 
be not the lifeless body
that floats on the surface; 
the rooting wood 
where worms like to sleep; 
Think and act as every eye would;
Be that watchful Kingfisher   
puncturing surface—
a slewed flicker of blue. 

MATT DUGGAN’s poems have been included in several journals, such as A Restricted View from Under the Hedge, Into the Void, The Journal, L' Éphémère Review, Osiris Poetry Journal, and Harbinger Asylum.

His second full collection of poems, Woodworm, was published in Spring 2019 by Hedgehog Poetry Press.