éphémère: French for ephemeral (adjective)
lasting a very short time, short lived, transitory

L'Éphémère Review is an online literary and art journal, micro-press, and publisher of the Overture to Memory Micro-Chapbook Series. We are dedicated to the ephemeral, existential, and narrative, and are fascinated with the interplay between memory and narrative, truth and interpretation, perception and perspective, and art that straddles the line between genre, form, language, and symbol.

We seek poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, photography, art, mixed media, and other written and artistic forms. Work that explores life’s contradictions, and the beauty and savagery in art; the fleeting, the short-lived, the everlasting, and the infinite. The raw, the refined, the coarse, and the delicate. The pain, the joy, the heartache, and the euphoria. 

The unrelenting voice.

L’Éphémère Review publishes four issues a year alongside interviews, reviews, and articles from staff writers and contributors. We also publish micro-chapbooks as part of the Overture to Memory Micro-Chapbook Series, and are in partnerships with several other literary journals, most notably The Brown Orient Literary Journal. Since our inception, we have advocated for the work of both emerging and established writers and artists, and are strong proponents of VIDA #saferLIT initiative and goal towards providing safe, nurturing, and inclusive online literary communities.

If your work tethers on the line between art and artist, pain and exhalation, fiction and memoir, poetry and autobiography, genre and auteur, or mind and matter, let us give it a home. Let us give it a platform, a stage, a microphone. 

We are but a small corner of the universe, so stay with us a little while.

Welcome to the transitory. Welcome to the infinite. 
Welcome to L'Éphémère.

Established June 2016