As L'Éphémère Review enters its second year, we are seeking passionate, dedicated new staff members. All roles are 100% volunteer and remote, and each position requires 1-4 hours of work per week. Each role can be moulded to fit availability and level of experience. Candidates may start as soon as possible.

Although we cannot offer monetary compensation at the time, we will promote your work on our social media channels and support any and all of your endeavours. 

To apply, please email with the following information: 

  • A short, third-person bio
  • Resumé
  • Supplementary materials (please see each listing for more information) 
  • Why you want to work for us

NOTE: Successful candidates will be asked to provide an author's photo upon acceptance. We primarily use Slack for staff-wide communication, as well as Facebook Messenger and email correspondence. We expect all staff members to remain active in our Slack channel (including taking part in monthly meetings) and reachable through Facebook Messenger and email. 

Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for regular updates and open recruitment calls. 



  • Schedule and publish blog posts on L'Éphémère Review's blog and tag them accordingly (under Reviews, Interviews, Articles, etc.) alongside the author's name.
  • Select images to include with each blog post that adheres to our visual aesthetic. 




  • Curate, schedule, and post on L'Éphémère Review's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) using TweetDeck, Later, and Facebook scheduling. 
  • Interact proactively with followers and audience (e.g. answer questions, retweet/share contributors' work, etc.).
  • Promote L'Éphémère Review and brainstorm ideas in order to reach a wider audience (e.g. retweet/share work from other journals, maintain positive relationship with readers and contributors, stay active in online literary community, collaborative work with other journals, etc.). 

Supplementary Materials: 

  • Choose one out of the following three options: 
    • Write three potential newsletters that is informative and adheres to our voice.
    • Write three potential Facebook posts that is informative and adhere to our voice.
    • Write three potential Instagram captions that is informative and adhere to our voice.




  • Write a monthly column on film (reviews, interviews with those in the industry, listicles, essays, etc.).
  • Send pitches to editors for approval/changes and meet publishing deadlines.

Supplementary Materials:

  • Pitch us three potential blog posts, and why you choose those topics. 




  • Create graphics that adhere to our visual aesthetic, for use in our social media posts and newsletter.

Supplementary Materials:

  • Choose three recent blog posts and create alternate graphics for them that adhere to our visual aesthetic. 



[Seeking at least six art + photography contributors]


  • Contribute work to website (for use in articles, blog posts, etc.) and upcoming micro-chapbooks and anthologies.

Supplementary Materials: 

  • Please send us a portfolio of your work (minimum, six images) as well as links to your website and/or places where we may also view your work.


  •  All credit will be given.
  •  We will promote your art and photography on all of our social media channels and website.


Send your application to us at with the subject line "Staff Application - [The position you are applying for]". Questions may also be directed in the same email. We look forward to reading your applications!