religion is an abstract concept
when your god is a mortal man
with a drinking problem and
a laugh brighter than the sun.
you have prayed in passenger seats and
graveyards and motel rooms and gas
stations and anywhere but a damn church.
you have prayed for forgiveness
in twenty different languages, half of them dead.
prayers in sigils and tattoos and
scribbled in black ink on crumpled up receipts.
prayers in old cassettes and greasy diner food
and the steady beating of his
heart underneath your ear.
prayers in pleasecomehome
prayers in wehadnohome
prayers in youaremyhome
prayers in ashes, prayers held firmly in fists
prayers all jangled teeth, all yellow-purple bruises
prayers in the smell of whiskey,
in the taste of kissing too hard and
coming away with blood.
prayers in pills held under tongues
and filthy bandages,
prayers in sweat-stiff clothes
and sleeping in the backseat together,
prayers in the glint of moonlight
off your matching knives.
the thing is; you’re still not sure
if he’s here to be your savior
or your devil.

SAMANTHA WOLFE is a seventeen year old bisexual sad girl with a fake name from North Texas. She is best known for her work on her blog. She hopes to one day take the literary and corporate worlds by storm. When not writing, she is making mixtapes, going to school, and thinking about her beautiful girlfriend.