moon won’t stop rising
i love night: 
(camera obscura)
& so does the world

night is
satin and cellophane
rose water and
blood red nails

night is
a sleepy boy
rocking you
back and forth
in the arms of
a thick fog

night is safe
night is when your body
is only a silhouette of silk
a beautiful shadow 

night is gentle breeze
black sky coated with lacquer
ruby lips pressing velvet kisses
dark wood holding steady in
the midnight hour

night is
a darkroom



His lips are crushed velvet
against the bronze curve of my neck
and I can taste the color of the stars
in his every breath.

His words; a scarlet symphony
whispered in the dark hours of night,
sweet and poisonous, but so electric
and exciting—

I can barely stand on my own
two feet without shaking like a rose
in the wind.

I feel like I’m finally making my
way in this world.
He is my black swan—
my outlier, 
my magical moment of discovery—

Like a child that plays recklessly
with a chemistry set and stumbles
upon new elements, 

Like a tear suspended on the edge
of an eyelash, awaiting a bright cheek to fall upon. 

He is smoke curling into my heart,
the scrapes on my knees from midnight bike rides,
the storm and the silence.

His smile hides but
I want to bring it out—
drown in its everlasting light.
He is a dream I live for
and in, 

He is fire and fallacy, 
diamond and ash. 
He is wild ambition—
a divine shockwave of beauty. 



The water cold as marble
in the cathedral of the cherry waves,

wet with the song of the departed,
and red with the blood of washed up graves.

Hair blows over my eyes,
obscuring the silent sea,
and for the shortest of moments,
blocks out the crimson harmony.

Our love preserved in a glass case, 
crashed up on shore,
a museum of recordings
of the ocean’s distant roar.

The civil war
will not cease
with the drowned
remains of a lost age.

The heart
can never be
held hostage
within the confines
of the ribcage.

And our prayers
will not deaden the
eternal rage.

SANJANA RAJAGOPAL is a New York City girl with a love for the literary. She currently attends Fordham University at Lincoln Center, where she double majors in Media and Communications and Philosophy. She has previously won multiple medals in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards among other contests, and writes for her school's literary journal and magazine.