“where I learned God / is rhythm & spores” – Yusef Komunyakaa

our bodies sing shabda hymns
while we lie—returning to
consciousness, attuning from
reeled rhythm: mouth-full, gasp-packed—
unlikely to listen; knowledge never delivers,
it hovers, waiting for the body
to relieve the mind, to limit space
between the mind and the body,
between you and me,
between me and the multiples of me,
merging, stripped away from social constricts,
the moment is simply a humming of tones,
angles of breath; for
the brain cannot fathom:
this is mineral knowledge
skin cells and the blood that bleeds
red no matter the container; the heavens
chant of orbits and linear planes and our bodies,
unbeknownst to us, answer

SK GROUT grew up in New Zealand, has lived in Germany, and now splits her time as best she can between London and Auckland. She is the author of the micro chapbook to be female is to be interrogated (The Poetry Annals, 2018). She holds a post-graduate degree in creative writing from City, University of London and is a Poetry Editor for Honey and Lime Literary Journal. Her work also appears in Crannóg, Landfall, Rising Phoenix Press, Banshee Lit, Parentheses Journal, Barren Magazine, and elsewhere.