Crepúsculo: Noun. The Spanish word for twilight, dusk; a period or state that is not clearly defined, obscured, or ambiguous. 

Crepúsculo is the hazy period between the light of day and the darkness of night. It is a liminal state of time where everything is in flux and anything is possible. The rules of light and shadow are malleable and easily manipulated in this time. Show us what lives in the crepúsculo of your life and your memory. Let your transitory moments roam the earth with legs and teeth. Make them visible in the house on the borderline between night and day. Make us believe.

Crepúsculo marks the one-year anniversary of our first issue. We have always existed within transit, cemented nowhere yet always moving somewhere. We hope you take our past themes of home, time, disquietude, sanctuary, hope, and now liminal space into consideration. We cannot wait to welcome your work into our corner of the universe. 



NOTE: Read all guidelines carefully and adhere to them fully before submitting

We accept poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and essay submissions, as well as photography and art.

You may submit previously published work if permissible by the original publisher, although we prefer to see new and unpublished work. 

We encourage simultaneous submissions, although please let us know if your piece/s have been accepted elsewhere.

By submitting to L'Éphémère Review, you agree to allow us first North American serial/electronic rights and to promote your work in posts across our social media platforms. All rights return to the contributor following publication. 


  1. You may submit up to five poems, two fiction pieces, and one nonfiction piece. 

  2. We accept .doc and .docx files. Please do not submit your pieces in pdf.

  3. Organize your document as followed:

    1. Use either Times New Roman or Garamond in 12 pt. font. Single-spaced. 

    2. Indicate whether each piece is POETRY, FICTION, or NONFICTION.

    3. For multiple POETRY submissions, please place all poems in a single document. Each poem should begin on a new page. 

    4. If you are submitting multiple FICTION pieces, please place each piece in a separate document. 

  4. At this time we only accept literary fiction (this excludes genre fiction such as sci-fi, fantasy, and horror).

  5. In your email, please indicate your name and which genre you are submitting to (e.g. Kanika Lawton - Poetry and Fiction) and include a short third-person bio in the body of the email.


  1. You may submit up to five pieces.

  2. We accept .jpg and .png. files. Please do not submit your pieces in pdf. 

  3. In your email, please indicate your name and what kind of photography or art you are submitting (e.g. Kanika Lawton - Portrait Photography and Drawings) and include a third-person bio in the body of the email. You may also include a short blurb about the meaning behind each piece, where you find inspiration, etc. 

Please send all poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, art, and photography to

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