Petrichor. Greek for petra (stone) and ichor (the blood of the gods). The smell of earth after rain.

The cool touch of raindrops kissing bare skin. Early morning mists enveloping never-ending forests. Soft earth underneath pressing feet as you move past the ferns greeting you along your path. The first rain after a long, dry summer cleanses in a way that escapes everyday language. During a season so often-marked with endings, decay, and the departure of summertime bliss, petrichor fills the air with fresh renewal, ushering in the new with dew-lined clarity.

We want work that evokes new beginnings, new awakenings, and new ways of looking at both the familiar and the strange. For Issue 14: Petrichor, we welcome poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, art, and photography that centers renewal, hope, and enchantment. We cannot wait to welcome your work into our home.

Submissions are open from October 1st to October 25th, 2019.


Upon acceptance, you agree to grant L'Éphémère Review first North American serial/electronic rights, as well as electronic archival rights (in perpetuity). You also grant us the rights to republish your work in part or as a whole across social media, in anthologies, best-of lists, etc.

All rights return to the contributor following publication; however, if your work is reprinted elsewhere, we request that you credit L’Éphémère Review as your first publication. By submitting your work, you confirm that your work is original and does not violate copyright laws. While we do publish erasure and “after” poems, we reserve the right to request a copy of the original work that inspired your piece, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

We highly recommended you take a look through our past issues to get a feel for the type of work we publish.

  • Please send all submissions to

  • In the subject line, please include your name and what genre you are submitting in (e.g. Kanika Lawton - Poetry).

  • In the body of your email, please include a short, third-person bio (50-100 words) and your website/any social media links.

  • You may submit previously published work if permissible by the original publisher.

    • We also accept reprints of work from defunct journals and presses.

  • We encourage simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your pieces have been accepted elsewhere.

  • Our current response time is one-three months. Please inquire if you have not heard back from us after four months.

  • If we decline your submission, please wait at least two months before re-submitting. Similarly, if we accept your work, please wait at least six months before submitting again.

    • NOTE: If you have previously submitted work in one genre, and such work was accepted, you may submit work in a different genre before the six months wait period.

  • At this time we are unable to pay contributors; however, we are looking to change that. If you would like to support the journal, consider making a contribution to our tip jar.

Negative replies to rejections are discouraged. 

L'Éphémère Review reserves the right to reject work that promotes hatred and discrimination towards any race, nationality, religion, gender/gender expression, sexual orientation, disabilities, citizenship status, etc. L'Éphémère Review also reserves the right to reject any work by authors or artists who are known abusers or whose work promotes hatred and/or violence. Likewise, we will rescind acceptances and/or remove published work by authors or artists found guilty of such misconduct.


  • You may submit up to five poems.

  • Please send us your work in Word (.doc/.docx) files.

  • Submissions should be in either Times New Roman or Garamond, 12 pt. font, and single-spaced.

  • Please do not use all-cap titles; make sure each title is clearly distinguished.

  • Please place all poems in a single document.

  • Poetry submissions cannot total more than fifteen pages; each poem should begin on a new page.

  • At this time we do not accept visual poetry or art/poetry hybrid work.


  • You may submit up to three fiction pieces and two nonfiction pieces.

  • Please send us your work in Word (.doc/.docx) files.

  • Submissions should be in either Times New Roman or Garamond, 12 pt. font, and double-spaced.

  • Please do not use all-cap titles; make sure each title is clearly distinguished.

  • Keep all submissions under 5,000 words EACH (total word count can be above 5,000 words, but no single piece should exceed 5,000 words).

  • Please place each piece in a separate document.

  • At this time we do not accept art/prose hybrid work.


  • You may submit up to five pieces.

  • We accept JPG (.jpg) and PNG (.png) files.

  • In the body of your email, you may include a short blurb about the meaning behind each piece, where you find inspiration, etc.


  • Please email all questions/inquiries to with the subject line "Query".