My lips answer the unspoken question
in your eyes

Unfamiliar, the feel of your flesh on my fingers
the imprint of yours sinks beneath my surface

A longing, for your hands to explore my body
just as your mind penetrated my thoughts

Building to this moment, silence shattered
by quickening pulses, ragged breaths

As we shed the artifice of the world
our deepest desires on proud display

free from judgment, hidden from censure
we meld along with the evening into the night

I emerge on the other side
of my erstwhile world
burning bridges behind me

But no regrets rise with the smoke
for I am willing to walk through
the flames to you, again

Living in Singapore, India-born UMA VENKATRAMAN is a journalist with a passion for poetry. She has been published in anthologies such as Good Morning JusticeAlong The Shore and Beyond The Hill, and online in The Rising Phoenix ReviewAmethyst Review, and the Plath Poetry Project. She has also taken part in Tupelo Press’ 30/30 Project.