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The root of war is greed, ego, lust for power, money, religion and it grows from us. In order to achieve peace we must rise above and bloom with the knowledge that our actions and reactions determine the paths to peace or war.

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Sometimes the only thing stopping us from being free is the chains we put around ourselves.

VISITHRA MANIKAM is a self-taught, emerging Malaysian female painter and photographer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Her art is influenced by Indian art styles (Madhubani/ Patachitra) and has a pop art/pop surrealism/big eye art flavour to it. Some of her work has a social message and brings forth issues she strongly supports.

In her Malaysian centric art series, she has reimagined humans to break down race, religion, colourism barriers that she believes are key issues to racial disharmony.

In 2018 she was named Champion in a live doodle competition (45 artists) and she again won the consolation prize in the live painting category for Citra Terengganu (74 artists). Besides taking part in numerous exhibitions in Malaysia, she exhibited her work in Manila, Philippines with Philippines and Malaysian artist in 2018. 

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