(When the ashes cool, I part them. Call myself / Moses. I part the ashes, and I plant flowers. Begin the chant: / new life, new life, new life, new life.)

An Overture to Memory micro-chapbook, published on October 28th, 2018.

We Begin in the Dark is pay-what-you-want.

ZARA WILLIAMS is a twenty-year-old poet and storyteller based in Scotland, currently working towards a Master of Arts in History of Art and English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. She is also Editor-In-Chief and Director of Social Media at Monstering, a magazine written by and for disabled women and non-binary people. Along with her best friend and fellow writer, Brianna Albers, she is also co- founder of a private new media collective, ZRIE.

When not studying or working on the above projects, you can expect to find Zara curating her Pinterest boards, obsessing over D&D, or rambling about the importance of storytelling in today’s world.

Zara can be reached at @zdeawilliams on both Twitter and Tumblr.