L'Éphémère Review is a bi-monthly online literary and art journal that nurtures the exploration of the ephemeral, musings on the existential, and establishment of the eternal. We are fascinated with the interplay between memory and reality, truth and interpretation, perception and perspective, the past, present, and future, and art that straddles the line between genre, form, language, and symbol.

Give us the raw, the refined, the coarse, and the delicate. The pain, the joy, the heartache, and the euphoria. 

The unrelenting voice.

                 Photography by Albin Thelander

               Photography by Albin Thelander



Since September 2016, we have released a new issue every two months, full of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and photography that challenges long-standing notions of genre, form, and voice.


Featuring essays, reviews, and interviews from our staff writers and contributors, the L'Éphémère Review blog is the place for news, announcements, captivating articles, and other worthwhile reads.


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